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Discussion Session on ‘Paradise Lost or Found? – The Post WTO International Legal Order (Utopian and Dystopian Possibilities)’

06 September 2019
The session began with a welcome address from Dr. James Nedumpara, who provided a brief background to the current crisis facing the WTO Appellate Body. This was followed by a keynote address by Prof. Picker, who shared insights from these workshops, the methodology of the studies, and some possibilities that were debated in them.

Special Session | Kerala and the Blue Economy

July 28, 2019
Keynote address given by Smt. J. Mercykutty Amma, Hon'ble Minister for Fisheries, Harbour Development & Cashew Industry, Govt. Of Kerala and remarks given by Sri. S. Venkatesapathy, Ms. Gayatri Nair, Prof. Mukesh Bhatnagar and Prof. James J. Nedumpara.

Valedictory Session of SAIELN's Second Biennial Conference

July 28, 2019
Concluding keynote address given by Ambassador Anup Kumar Mudgal putting the conference in context, remarks given by co-chairs Prof. James & Prof. Leila on the keynote address and concluding remarks on the conference by Anupal Dasgupta, Joint Secy., SAIELN

SAIELN's Second Biennial Conference on "The Law of the Blue Economy: International and South Asian Perspectives"

July 27, 2019
Dr. Christy Fernandez, Chairman, KSIDCL, gave the inaugural address, speaking on the fundamentals of blue economy. He emphasized on the need for creating awareness towards an inclusive decision making. Dr. Ravi Raman, Member, KSPB spoke on Non-Tariff Measures as the major constraints faced by the developing economies and the scope for intensifying regional trade. Prof. Peter Van den Bossche, Former WTO Appellate Body Member and President, Society of International Economic Law gave a video address. He emphasized on the need for adopting an integrationist approach among the different streams of law and policy making.

Trade Talk on “Recent Developments in EU Trade Remedies Law and Practice”

June 26, 2019
Mr. Velmust, Founding Partner, VVGB Advocaten, Brussels, explained the nuances in the recent developments in the anti-dumping and countervailing regulations of the European Union.

Trade Talk on “The Plain Packaging Dispute at the WTO”

June 18, 2019
Mr. Bohanes, Senior Counsel, Advisory Centre on WTO Law, Geneva, presented an astute summary of the issues raised and arguments advanced under the TBT and TRIPs Agreement in the Australia plain packaging dispute.

Trade Talk on “The Demise of the WTO Dispute Settlement System: Will India pay the Price for the Loss of a Common Good?”

June 14, 2019
Mr. Appleton, Founding Partner, Appleton Luff, Geneva, talked about how the loss of common good namely WTO's dispute settlement system will affect India and highlighted its importance in global governance.

Trade Talk on “World Trade without (Enforceable) rules?: The Existential Crisis of WTO Dispute Settlement”

June 11, 2019
Mr. van den Bossche, Former Appellate Body Member, WTO, presented a talk on the existential crisis in the WTO dispute settlement with the Appellate Body being reduced to one member.

Discussion Session on "Trade 2019 - Challenges and Trends in U.S. Trade Law"

February 27, 2019
This discussion session focused on the current approach to the US Trade Policy captured in the phrase, ‘Free’, ‘Fair’ and ‘Reciprocal’ trade; and its possible implications for the US and the global economy at large.p>

Panel Discussion on “Shaping the future of WTO

January 29, 2019
The Panel discussion was held on "Shaping the Future of WTO". The crisis with regard to the functioning of the Appellate Body was the key point of contention. Many options were explored and a comination of approches were discussed for strengthening the WTO and preserving the WTO dispute settlement system.The discussants stressed on the importance of a working Appellate Body to establish a rule-based discipline in the WTO.

Discussion Session on "Belt and Road Initiative"

November 22, 2018 | NTH Complex, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi
Panel discussion on issues relating to BRI while also addressing the development of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership given that one of the main focus of the BRI is to practice its peripheral diplomacy in South Asia.

Discussion on "Recent Developments in International Trade": Mr Gary N Horlick

November 20, 2018 | CRIT Conference Hall, NAFED House, Ashram Chowk, New Delhi
Discussion session certain recent developments in the sphere of International trade such as the renegotiation of NAFTA 2.0, the making of United States-Mexico-Canada agreement and the future of mega-regional trade agreements.

Case discussion on "In the matter of Guatemala- Issues Relating to the Obligations under Article 16.2.1(a) of the CAFTA-DR’ dispute and its implication"

September 25, 2018 | CRIT Conference Hall, NAFED House, Ashram Chowk, New Delhi
Discussion session on the legal nuances of the decision of the arbitral panel in the dispute concerning Guatemala’s breach of labour clause in CAFTA-DR, 2017, it is the first instance in which a labour law complaint has been adjudicated under an FTA.

Discussion Session on "Indonesia – Safeguards on Certain iron or Steel Products and its implications on US 232 Tariffs"

September 4, 2018 | CRIT Conference Hall, NAFED House, Ashram Chowk, New Delhi
The WTO Appellate Body decision in Indonesia-Safeguards deals with what constitutes a ‘safeguard measure’ under Article XIX of the GATT and the Safeguards Agreement. In light of the same, the panel discussed the impact of the unilateral actions of the United States’ i.e., the Section 232 tariffs.

Entry of Foreign Law Firms and Lawyers into India: The Continuing Debate

April 05, 2018 | Nalanda, IIFT, NEW DELHI
Discussion session on the entry of foreign law firms into India and on the implications of the recent Supreme Court decision A.K. Balaji v. Union of India on the future of Indian legal services sector.

Discussion Session on "War Against ISDS: Rebellion without a cause or Lost battle?"

December 19, 2017 | NTH Complex, New Delhi
Given the increasing number of investment arbitration cases and their attached criticism of their abusive use, a discussion session on the current ISDS crisis and also initiated discussions for a suitable and possibly new ISDS system in South Asia and India, in particular.

Case discussion on "European Union – Countervailing Measures on Certain Polythene Terephthalate (PET) from Pakistan"

December 11, 2017 | NTH Complex, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi
Discussion session the legal nuances of the WTO panel decision in EU-PET (Pakistan), 2017 with respect to the SCM Agreement and in light of the same, its impact on practices adopted by Indian and other investigating agencies vis-à-vis their evidence mechanism.

Discussion Session on "The New Geometry Trade: Beyond WTO, What Trade for Democratic and Sustainable Societies?"

October 16, 2017 | Nalanda, IIFT, NEW DELHI
Discussion session on the new geometry of trade in reflecting upon the engines and actors of the WTO with a special focus on the expected positive outcomes of globalisation for the emerging and developing world and South Asia in particular.